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Komen cancer charity came so close
to right move on Planned Parenthood

Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012

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Critics called the original Komen foundation decision to stop funding for Planned Parenthood a terrible move, “a PR blunder.” A blogger on the left-leaning Huffington Post website called it “one of the worst public relations disasters in history.” Only in today’s backward society can doing the right thing be called wrong.

Had I written about this issue Friday, I would’ve asked why any organization, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation included, would sully its good name by tying itself even in the slightest bit with Planned Parenthood. That remains a good question today.

Planned Parenthood officials can talk all day long — and they do — about breast-cancer screenings and various other services the outfit provides for girls and women, but they can’t hide from the fact that Planned Parenthood primarily is the nation’s largest network of abortion mills.

Widespread and U.S. Supreme Court-backed abortion is among the most hideous, abominable and immoral facets of modern-day American “culture.” It cheapens life, the sanctity of life. Its sanctioning by government and common availability as just another medical procedure too easily absolves females of personal responsibility. And it’s an affront to God, the creator of all life — the creator of the little ones who are ripped from the womb by so-called medical doctors.

Before this controversy arose this week, I always thought of breast cancer research and “The Race for the Cure” when the Susan G. Komen foundation name was mentioned in the news or in advertising. From this point on, however, it will be difficult to hear “Komen foundation” or “The Race for the Cure” and not think, too, about the abortion mill with the euphemistic-sounding name of Planned Parenthood. For me now, the two organizations are forever linked.

Because of that link, any contributions I make in the worthy fight against breast cancer won’t go to the Komen group. My dollars will go somewhere else.

And might I suggest to others who find Planned Parenthood abhorrent that we support, with money and volunteerism, the work of organizations that counsel women with unplanned pregnancies to go through with the births and help them along the way. Two such local organizations are the LifeChoice Pregnancy Resource Center in Winter Haven (863-293-0955, and Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic in Lakeland (863-393-6988,

With unplanned pregnancies, abortion isn’t the only choice.

With breast cancer research, the Komen foundation isn’t the only option worthy of your support.


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