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Lincoln was great in his own right

Saturday, April 21, 2012

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• Lincoln did real work — really tough work — in the real world, i.e., the private sector, before getting into politics — and he actually practiced law. Prior to running for public office in Illinois, Obama, the law school graduate, had “community organizing” (more like “community agitation”) atop his work resumé.

• Lincoln fully appreciated the miracle of this nation’s birth, recognized God’s role in that miracle and deeply admired the Founding Fathers. Obama can see only flaws in the nation’s founding and the founders. And when was the last time you heard Obama mention God with any kind of sincerity or reverence?

• Lincoln understood that the United States of America was “conceived in liberty” (the Gettysburg Address) and worked, despite tremendous political and social pressures, to bring the blessings of liberty to those who had never known it. Obama has worked tirelessly to put government ever more in charge, a process that only chips away at individual freedoms.

• Lincoln was a Republican who viewed the United States as being special, who recognized the greatness of the republic and who saw the potential for an even greater nation once it was reunified. Obama is a Democrat who looks more to a weak, financially unstable and very socialist Europe and its past-their-prime countries for his model of the ideal state.

• Lincoln’s presidency was all about trying to unite a nation deeply divided and torn by a bloody civil war. Obama’s presidency is steeped in class warfare and ethnic and social division for political gain, with the end game being a more socialist nation, one with a greater number of people looking to government for their sustenance.

• Lincoln was great in his own right — eloquent, intelligent, visionary, the epitome of good character, honest, humble before God, and a highly effective leader under the worst of circumstances — a nation “engaged in a great civil war” – that only he has known as president. Obama is reaching, stretching even, to be great in his own mind by constantly invoking the names of greatness, Abraham Lincoln being chief among them.


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