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On cue, ‘Obamaspeak’ follows failure
of budget ‘Super Committee’

Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011


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Well, Barack Hussein’s handlers realize there is only one political strategy that may salvage their frontman’s re-election. Barack Hussein complains that the Republicans are controlled by the Tea Partiers and their millionaire-billionaire supporters who will not support his job-creation bill, will not support higher taxes and intend to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all entitlement programs, thereby keeping 50 percent of Americans under foot, underfed, underpaid and unemployed.

“It’s us versus them,” B.O. proclaims. “We must seek the benefits available only within Hope and Change.”

This is class warfare, and B.O.’s outburst at the Super Committee’s failure is a preview of the balance of Barack Hussein’s political campaign. This campaign blather of this “president” will continue to be written by his handlers and will be well-delivered - assuming no mechanical malfunction of the required teleprompters. Regardless, his remarks will represent nothing more than ”Obamaspeak,” which can be defined as contentious assertions and predications meant to politically stampede voter's emotions.

Barack Hussein will continue to make outrageous claims - Obamaspeak - regarding national indebtedness, Social Security and Medicare, among the other usual subjects of interest.
Here’s the truth: The Super Committee’s failure supposedly will trigger a $1.2 trillion “sequester,” which is defined “to remove.” (The word “sequestrum” is defined as “a piece of dead bone which has become separated from the surrounding healthy bone.” This latter definition is clearly superior in this instance.)

Anyway, what is to be “removed” is $600 billion from the military, clearly not now “dead” but definitely a high priority - i.e. “target” - of B.O.’s handlers. (You’ll understand this comment momentarily.) The $600 billion balance is to be from nondefense discretionary sources. But all this nattery, all this Obamaspeak, is political garbage. Why? Because any and all action is set to trigger in 2013. After the November 2012 election.

So, we can relax a little. Right?


You can relax ... if there is an election.


Yes. If!

Believe this: Barack Hussein’s handlers - the men and women who control all aspects of our federal government, including the “president;” the men and women who control the purse strings; the men and women who write all of B.O’s words of wisdom; the men and women who have carefully built Barack’s Civilian Army, “equal in strength and funding as our present-day military” (Obama, 2009) - will be in full force at all “approved” polling locations in November 2012.

Mark this prediction: Barack Hussein will carry all states and territories by wide margins, sweeping with him every politician necessary to “fundamentally transform the United States of America. Then the world!” (Obama, 2009).

This is why the Super Committee's actions, predetermined by ideological philosophies, meant nothing.

If, on the other side of the political ledger, B.O’s Civilian Army does not, or cannot, “persuade” voters to endorse the Grand New World, the results of the Super Committee mean nothing. Why? Congress will trash what has been “sequested.”

The real message is this: The United States, which has twice saved the world from fascism, must now save itself. You must be prepared. You must be vigilant.

Long ago, a wise old Jedi master issued a warning after his young and naïve charge declared “I won't fail you. I'm not afraid.”

“You will be,” the master said. “You ... will ... be.”


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