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Nov. 6 election will present a choice between socialism and prosperity

Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Those who understand the significance of this next election are familiar with names such as Bill Ayers (Obama’s past), George Soros (Obama’s present) and the United Socialist States of America (Obama’s hoped-for future). They are familiar with the phrase “community organizer.” Those who shun “American Idol” in favor of fair and balanced news know what a VAT is. (If you think milk, bread and gasoline are expensive now, just wait until we have the value-added tax).

Obama has been in full campaign mode for months. His strategy is to demonize the rich. He doesn’t have to work hard to convince some that the rich are the problem. The rich, however, owe you nothing. They don’t owe you a job. They don't owe you free goods and services. They don't owe you free health care. They don't owe you a free ride at their expense.

Many who envy the rich believe they were born rich. Some were born into wealth, but the great majority earned it in a free-market environment. Many worked hard to get an education and then pursued their dreams as specialists working for private companies. Others, like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, eschewed formal education and used their minds and talents to dream up new companies and products without government help or involvement. Freedom allowed this and awarded them with great returns for their hard work and sacrifice. Freedom also allowed them to provide great benefits for society, including huge numbers of employees, more efficient private businesses and huge economic growth in this nation over recent decades. Freedom enabled all this, not government programs.

The current administration believes government should be able to confiscate wealth and the fruits of entrepreneurial success to redistribute it to others in a government-designed utopia. Essentially, it is vote-buying. Government is demonstrably incapable of improving the economy by intervention with programs. No government program has ever succeeded in improving the economy.

The result of government intervention is to the detriment of the nation’s economy and to personal freedom. All socialist government reforms amount to enslavement of the governed to the benefit of only those doing the governing. Socialist reforms always fail. America’s history has proven this since its inception. Now the Obama administration record is overwhelming proof that more government yields more waste and shared poverty.

Government does not create jobs. That is the domain of the private sector. But, government can aid the private sector by lowering taxes and removing burdensome regulations.

Our Constitution guarantees us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It does not guarantee happiness or outcomes, only the right to set goals and pursue happiness. And it does not guarantee the right to someone else’s wealth. Free-market capitalism under the U.S. Constitution with a limited government is the environment that made America the world’s economic superpower by allowing ordinary people to thrive and become rich through hard work. This system has been under attack inch by inch over the past 70 years. It is now under attack by leaps and bounds under the Obama administration. The government bubble is about to break — unless citizens take their freedom back from the government.

For many of us, this will be the most important election in our lifetime. Those who cherish the ideals and values that made this country great will vote to fire Obama in November. Those who have their hand out and believe that the government should support them through their fellow taxpayers will vote to re-elect him.

This November, help to ensure the survival of this great nation: Remove the socialists and choose economic freedom, or lose the world’s last best chance for prosperity.


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